About Life Church


At Life Church we believe the world belongs to God and that he intends to fill it with His glory as the waters cover the sea. Our message, mission statement, and vision are simply that Jesus is Lord: He is alive and He rules and reigns in heaven and on earth. We believe that the Holy Spirit enables us to overcome every challenge we may face and to powerfully witness that God raised Jesus from the dead. We want to see the city of Gilman, and all of the communities around us, the state of Illinois, the nation of the United States of America, and the ends of the earthreached for Jesus with His message of love, life, hope, and faith. We have dedicated ourselves to represent Jesus to this hurting and dying world. We want Christians everywhere to prosper and to know and enjoy the life of God in their every day experiences.

 We are privileged to be part of The Church that is being restored to Gods intention  that is worthy of the name of Jesus  the Glorious Bride of Christ  the mature Body of Christ  the City of God, shining with all His glory for all the world to see. We believe this is the kind of church for which Jesus will return.

 Come with us and we will do you good!